Gum Paste

Make amazing gum paste creations with our Ready to Use Gum Paste!
·The only gum paste that actually dries!
· Specially formulated to resist humidity.
· Ready to use - Pliable and consistent.
· Professional gum paste delivers superior elasticity.

Open the pouch and remove the desired amount of paste you require for your project.
To color gum paste, use paste or gel colors. Do not use liquid colors, as it will cause the gum paste to be soft and sticky.

When working with gum paste, put a small amount of vegetable shortening on your fingers and knead into the gum paste until smooth and pliable. Next, roll out on a board lightly dusted with a mixture of corn starch and sugar to prevent the gum paste from sticking to the work surface.

Drying time will depend on the thickness of the gum paste project.

Gum paste can be combined with rolled fondant to create a paste suitable for molding bows, drapes, letterings, flower molding, etc.

Always keep unused gum paste in pouch or wrapped to prevent drying. Keep product in a cool environment. Gum paste may be frozen for extended storage.

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